Saturday, March 10, 2012

Madame Samm

As I told you Madame Samm is one of my hero in the quilting world. Recently she shared a list of things that she would like to have one of the things was a knitted shawl. Since I knit all the time, socks, baby blankets, sweaters, and just about everything you can imagine, thought I could do something for her by making the shawl. Did a little research and found that I could get the pattern and it wouldn't be hard to make for her. Sent her an email and asked if I could make the shawl for her and what yarn and color. She told me yes she would love it and have the yarn on hand would ship to me. So with a little help from her husband the box arrived this morning. Madame Samm told me she was adding some extra yarn, some needles, and a fat quarter bundle. Every day couldn't wait for the mail to get here looking for that extra special box. Well this morning my husband brought the box inside and I couldn't wait to open. I'm posting pictures below of what was in the box.

The best part is the my birthday is tomorrow she could not have times this more perfect. What a way to start my birthday weekend. Have to mention that it really start last night when my youngest who will be 26 later this month gave me a high powered lipstick size flashlight for my purse. You have to understand that I have a long history of ending up all alone when the power goes out and no flashlight anywhere to save me. Now I have a safety net, thanks Tom and Madame Samm this birthday has started off with a bang.

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  1. Great pics Leesa....hope you had a delightful birthday.


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