Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Loving Husband

Just a little insight into my loving husband and our sense of humor. As I mention in my last post that my birthday was Sunday and below is the great gift that my husband had for me. Take a look.

I love to garden but bending over to plant or pull weeds is not allow with my back nor is kneeling something that I can do either. So this cart is great you can sit on it any where in the yard or garden to work. Just pull on the strap and then you can move on the cart as you work.

Did you notice the lovely birthday card. Yes it only says one word all over the front of the card, OLD. My husband is two weeks short of being a year older than me. So for two weeks every year we are the same age before he becomes older than me again. For two weeks I have to hear how old I am then it is his turn.

Side note we have three birthday's in March. Mine then my youngest son and finally my husband. My oldest birthday is in November, poor thing he is all alone. Let me tell you when they were younger if Easter was in March it was a hard month.

Check out the tools he gave me.

They are kid's Monkey garden tools. He wanted to make sure that I had tools to work with, it backfired on him. Told him that I will save them for a future grandkids. As you can see we have a fun and exciting life here in middle of the country.

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