Friday, March 16, 2012

One of my loves

Have always heard that it is very hard to grown African Violets. Doesn't seem to be the case for me.

These are some more of the Violets in one of the windows in my house. Looks like I only like purple however I had a white and pink but they must have been the two that I gave to my daughter-in-law. Love to grow things. Makes me happy! Go figure, every time I think about growing things one thing comes to mind "Steel Magnolias."

Another look at the one window where all the adult plants are growing and blooming right now. Didn't shot any pictures of the three ivy plants in the same room. Unfortunately my house has great windows but also has great dark spot so hard to take pictures of those.

Here is the line up of grown ups.

This is the window in my kitchen and I call it the nursery. It is where I take care of off spring of the grown ups or where I am starting new plants from a leaf.

On the far left is a pot with three new plants that I started from broken leaves. It is crazy but I get so excited when the leaves start sprouting up new plants. The plant on the right is one of the off spring plants that needs to be put in a grown up pot.

Kinda have success with Aloe Vera plants as well. Purchased the large one from the local coop and as soon as I repotted the plant it proceeded to produce five baby plants. Gave two to my daughter-in-law but kept three and they are all doing great.

Huge plans for the back yard this year. Will share as I put the plans to action and want I get out of plants. Guess I cook, sew, knit with green thumbs. Hope you enjoy my love of plants.

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