Monday, March 5, 2012

Time to start

It is time to start a new chapter in my life. Retired this year and now I can begin to share my life and hobbies with everyone. Hopefully I will be able to inspire others to enjoy life and their talents. Since retiring I have begun to cook from all the blogs that I follow. My husband and son are really enjoying my new found talents of having the time to cook something other than something as fast and easy as possible. Now I have time to knit to my hearts desire and now have the time to start something I have always wanted to do, quilt. For sometime now I have been following quilting blogs and have my favorites. My grandmother always quilted but she never taught me other than to let me hand sewn on her quilts. She gave all of her grand kids a quilts when we married. My oldest son was married this past year and there was no handmade wedding quilt for them, it made me so sad. Taking a class on Craftsy beginning quilts with Jennie Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. She is amazing and makes thing look doable. Also many, many thanks to Madame Samm, she has given so much to the want to be quilters of the world.

My plan is to share as much of the things I create with you in word and pictures. Have to mention one more person in my the Pioneer Women Cooks, Ree Drumond. She is so amazing and shares so much with those who follow her blog, read her cookbooks and watch her Food Network cooking show. Hopefully I can channel a little of all of this women and share with anyone who might find my little blog.

This is my second blog as I start this first three years ago when I began my journey through weight loss surgery and losing 170lbs. It has been a wild and bumpy ride and one that has allowed this new chapter to happen. Three years I was headed to a wheelchair and probably not living to see any hopeful grandkids.

Now it is time to begin!!!

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  1. I can't wait to make you a grandmother, you are gonna spoil them!



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